Window Help

Take a look at the photo below to give us a good description
of what window you may need repaired or replaced!


To help us give you the best quote possible, the following information is helpful.

  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Glass Type:
  • Special Accessories:
    1. Heated Windshield:
    2. If your windshield is heated, you should see a sometimes-colored heating grid where your windshield wipers typically park themselves.
      This is common in vehicles that have a “Winter Package” installed.

    3. Rain Sensors:
    4. If your windshield wipers come on automatically when it starts to rain, you most likely have rain sensors.
      Rain sensors are commonly installed in “Luxury” or “Sport” packages.

    5. Lane Departure Warning System: (Higher end vehicles)
    6. Vehicles that are equipped with this system will have a small warning light come on in either mirror while driving when another car is in your blind spot.

    7. Condensation Sensor:
    8. If your windshield detects condensation [window fogging], it will change airflow before it becomes obvious to the driver.

    9. Other:

Please Note:
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