Windshield Safety and the Modern Automobile

Your modern windshield protects you from much more than wind and rain. Since the early eighties, windshields and their retention to the vehicle have become an important part of the structural integrity of your vehicle.

This is why it’s important to have your windshield replaced by the experts at Terry’s Auto Glass. We have training and certification in windshield installation and adhesive applications. We’ve been in the Auto Glass replacement business for 18 years, and have the trust of Major Insurance Companies, Major Car manufacturers and dealerships, and many thousands of satisfied customers.

This list contains safety factors that are your windshield’s responsibility, along with installation factors that are the responsibility of the Auto Glass Company.


  • Rollover

    If your vehicle is involved in a rollover incident, the windshield helps reduce roof crushing. The bond between the glass and the vehicle also becomes important during rollover, because if the bond breaks the roof crush intensifies.

  • Airbags

    Passenger side airbags have become much more popular in recent years, and so have windshields involvement in their deployment. Windshields act as the rear support to ensure that the passenger’s upper body is positioned correctly when deployed. The momentum of a crash propels the body forward. If the windshield should break free, the airbag no longer has the back stop that was intended. The passenger no longer has the protection that was intended by the manufacturer.

  • Ejection

    If the bond between the windshield and a vehicle fails during an accident, the shield could partially pop out, or completely pop out. This occurs when the force of an occupant or an airbag impacts the windshield. If the occupant isn’t wearing a seat belt, or it fails, the occupant could be ejected or partially ejected. Ejection from vehicles is the leading cause of fatality and serious injuries in vehicle accidents.

  • Cracked Windshields

    Cracked or damaged windshields can also cause a safety hazard. A crack in a windshield can expose the lamination between your safety glass. The broken or cracked glass allows the lamination to become exposed to the elements. This prolonged exposure can weaken the lamination. The force of a serious impact caused by an accident, could partially eject an un-belted occupant. Also, a cracked windshields lacks the structural integrity necessary to absorb the force of a deployed passenger side airbag. Airbags are deployed at 100 to 200 mph.

  • Visibility

    Modern windshields are designed much larger and with precise, complex bends. This increases overall visibility in most modern vehicles. Parts are much larger, and comprise more percentage of the overall structure of the vehicle.

Why trust Terry’s Auto Glass


  • Urethane

    Industry experts have estimated the number of improperly installed windshields could be in excess of 80%. The common thread in faulty installations is retention. In retention, the quality of adhesives are paramount. The modern adhesives used in windshield replacements are urethane. Terry’s only uses urethane that meet the stringent approval of PPG Prostars, and are certified by them. These urethane’s have been crash tested and exceed industry standards.

  • Primers

    Primers prepare the glass and the car body to accept the adhesives. The proper primer is a very important factor in the urethane’s ability to properly retain your windshield. Terry’s auto Glass only uses approved primers, and only the same brand as the urethanes. We use the proper primer with the proper urethane.

  • Training

    Training may be the most important part of a safe windshield replacement. Terry’s technicians are among the industries best trained. Along with an average of 10 years experience, they go through extensive internal training. They are all extensively trained, tested, and certified by the urethane companies that we use. They are certified by PPG Prostars Certified Technicians, and trained and certified by the National Auto Glass Association.