Some windshield breaks can be repaired instead of having to be replaced.


What is windshield repair?

Simply, it’s a high technology process of injecting a resin into the break or small crack. The air in the break is suctioned out, and the resin is cured with ultraviolet light.

Does it work?

Yes, in most cases it fixes the appearance of the break, seals it for water tightness, and stops it from cracking further. Although normally about 10 to 20 percent of the impact area may still be visible.

Does it work on all breaks and cracks?

No, since all breaks are different, sometimes the resin can’t be injected properly and the damage can’t be completely fixed. If the damage is in an acute area of the windshield ie. In the drivers view, it may be unsafe and not practical to repair it. In these cases it will have to be replaced. Also if the chip turns into a crack and it spreads to over 2 inches It may not be repairable.

Is it safe?

If done properly and if not in the view of the driver, it’s a very safe process that saves you the time and expense of installing a complete new windshield.


How much does it cost?

The average price of repair is about $50.00 per chip, although it depends on the size. Normally the cost is free to you. Almost all insurance companies in the state of Pennsylvania waive your comprehensive deductible if you chose to have your windshield repaired.

Why would my insurance company waive my deductible?

The cost of having a windshield repaired is dramatically lower than the cost of replacement. Your insurance company saves a tremendous amount when we can repair it. They pass some of that savings onto their policyholders in the form of waiving your costs.

Will the claim affect my Insurance?

No this is considered a comprehensive claim, like theft, vandalism, or road hazard. In the state of Pennsylvania, this is a pay it and forget it claim. Don’t avoid turning it in, it will actually save you and your insurance company dollars.


How long does it take?

Normally one repair takes about 20 minutes. If there are several chips it may take a little longer.

Is there free mobile service?

Yes we come to you at no additional charge, at your home or place of business.

Can Terry’s Auto Glass file my insurance claim?

Yes, in most cases you can call us, and we can file the claim with your insurance company for you. In other cases, insurance companies must take the claim directly from the policy holders, and our customer service representatives will provide you with the phone numbers of claim offices and any relative instructions.