Insurance Agents


At Terry’s Auto Glass, We know that the customer we service is also your customer. Only total customer satisfaction will be accepted.


Our number one concern at Terry’s is the safety of your customer. This is why we use the very best quality windshield retention materials, and train our installers about the safety aspects of windshield retention in vehicle accidents. To learn more about safety as it pertains to windshield installations please visit our safety page.


Customer Surveys

We at Terry’s Auto Glass pride ourselves in customer service. To put ourselves to the test, we now leave postage paid customer service surveys after each and every installation. This is unprecedented in our industry. We share this information with our agents and insurance companies. This open policy proves that we strive to have the best customer satisfaction in the industry.

C.E. Courses

Terry’s offers state certified education courses for the insurance industry. We currently offer two courses, and they are offered free of charge. If interested, please email us or call and ask for Jerry Mash.

Outside Sales Staff

Terry’s Auto Glass has a dedicated professional outside sales staff that meets the needs of the insurance industry. We partner with insurance agents to increase your customer’s total satisfaction. Our agents are visited with regularity in order to open the lines of communication so that problems and concerns are solved fast.

High Repair Ratio

Terry’s Auto Glass has a separate repair department that makes incentive based on the amount of repairs that they perform. This insures that our employees have a vested interest in trying to repair a windshield rather than replace it. We feel treating repairs as a separate department is the most ethical and efficient way to do business. This saves insurance companies dollars, and helps us perform more repairs than our competition.

Network Specialists

We participate with most major glass networks (ie. Lynx, PPG ProStars, Harmon, Safelite etc.) which means guaranteed compatibility, national warranties, safety standards and insurance company set competitive pricing.


Claims Processing

We help your staff and your clients with claim processing. Our customer service representatives are trained in the claims process of most insurance companies. If not, we can tell your customer exactly how to do it.

Mobile Phones

Communication is the key in our insurance relationships. We are in constant communication with our technicians and sales force. This helps us serve you and your customer better, and improve the overall experience for your customer.

Computerized Job Tracking and Billing

This gets the job done quickly, accurately and eliminates confusion.

Online Coupons

Your customers can print the online deductible coupons, saving them money.
Click here to view our online coupons and other discounts.