Commercial Accounts


At Terry’s Auto Glass, we know that Commercial and Fleet account have special needs.

We are aware of these needs and have the capability to fulfill them and solve your Auto Glass Problems.

  • Fast Service

    We know that fast service is extremely important to your business. At Terry’s Auto Glass we guarantee 24 hour service. In fact most of the time we arrive the same day you call. This keeps fleets up and running, your customers happy, and our customer happy.

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  • Convenient Service

    We will come to you! Terry’s will come right to your shop or lot, or to your employees or customer’s homes to repair vehicles. We have convenient scheduling times and are open on Saturdays until noon.

  • Quality Work

    You can trust Terry’s Auto Glass with your customers and employees vehicles. Our technicians have an average of 12 years experience. This means fewer leakers and come backs. No Headaches or angry customers. We get the job “Done right the first time Guaranteed”.

  • People You Know

    We have a professional and dedicated sales staff that wants to help your business and your customers. You’ll always see the same salespeople when you come to us. Also, you’ll get to know our friendly and courteous customer service representatives. Our installers will become familiar faces that can be chosen upon request. You can even have your salesman and installer’s cell phone numbers for fast communication.

  • Parts In Stock

    Terry’s Auto Glass stocks a large inventory of windshields, Side glass, Mirrors, and sliders. Also we have access to manufacturer’s inventory all over the Pittsburgh market and receive over 15 part delivery runs per day. We can get hard to find, obsolete or specialty glass quickly and usually overnight via Fed Ex. This moves cars through your shop quickly and keeps your fleet on the road instead of in the garage.

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  • Repairs

    Although all of our technicians can repair windshields, we have one Technician dedicated only to repairs. We can get your repairs done fast and conveniently. This saves your company money and it’s great for used car departments.

  • Competitive Price

    Terry’s auto glass wholesale prices are often the lowest in the industry. Our customers are often amazed at how much lower our prices are compared to our competition. We realize that Auto Glass is a highly competitive industry. We monitor the market for price and discount changes. Be assured that if you find a better price Terry’s Auto Glass is always willing to match or beat it. This means you get the best price in the market guaranteed.

  • National Warranty

    Through our association with PPG Prostars, we offer a National Warranty for the life of the vehicle. If your customer moves or is on vacation, or if a fleet car is in another state, we can take care of any warranty problems in that location.

  • Safety

    We are aware of all safety procedures that are associated with properly installed Auto Glass. Safety is very important to us, and you too. If a customer or employee is hurt by an improperly installed windshield, your company may have some liability. Especially if the Auto Glass Company is under insured. Terry’s auto glass has 2 million dollars of liability coverage with an A++ company.

Can your current Auto Glass Company offer you all of this? Or even any of this? Ask them and you’ll see that it’s “Time to call Terry’s”